Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunny Old Sunday

This is the view on a Sunny morning from our backyard.  We look across onto a part of town that will never be developed, but left as natural park land known as the green belt.  To the right of the two top photos you can see a cream building with a red roof just peeking out.  That is Government House, where the governor General lives.  So when Will + Kate + George came, and Charles + Camilla, that is where they stayed.  Just across the road from us.

Mum and I had a little old sleep in today then it was too warm to stay in bed, so mum got up and put some more washing on.  Today was sheets and towels, exciting stuff.  A nice bagel for her brunch then she thought she would head out for a walk in the fresh air and to make the most of having both sunshine and warmth.She even broke out the birkenstocks, which made her realise how pasty her feet and legs look.  Time to begin to look for a couple of things for Christmas.  Did she find anything for anybody else - well no.  Did she find a couple of things for herself - yes.  She even got me an early Christmas present.  I will show you tomorrow!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Caturday was sunny and breezy, so mum did load after load of load of washing, it being a pleasure to have it hanging outside in the fresh air.  Mum did some dishes, and read her book in the sun.

She was trying to chase after me for some of the day as I have a rather large dingleberry hanging from my trouser pants.  Thank goodness she has kept the camera away from that end of me, but it has made me rather uncomfortable and last night I left a smeary trail across her quilt - hence the washing.
I managed to stay far away from her and didn't let her catch me.  She decided that she would pull out the big clothes peg (to put on my neck) and the scissors to cut the fur off tomorrow morning if she could to help me out, otherwise it would be a VET visit to get a summer bikini shave (for me - not her).

Mum headed out in the afternoon.  She met a bestie for a nice and tasty dinner, it was a venison and pear burger that sounded better than it tasted.  At least the fries were nice.  Then mum and her bestie went off to see the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain.  Mum was lucky and got to see them about 5 years ago, and it was just as good to see them again tonight.  Check out their clips on you tube, and if you ever get the chance you should go and see them.

When mum got home, she noticed that my dingle berry was missing.  It was gone from my trouserpants, and she searched around the house and can't see it lying anywhere.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Thank goodness the weekend has begun.  Mum was fast asleep at 5.30am, but I came in and woke her up early to let her know it was raining outside.  I meow and meow until she wakes up and pats me and feels my furs, once she says thank you for telling me about the rain, I run off and go to sleep on my spare bed.  She loves the pussy cat weather alarm clock so much.

Us ladies are relaxing tonight, so much so that mum fell asleep on the couch after dinner.  Sigh - middle age is such an awesome phase.  Maybe it is because she was tired from being awoken so early.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tuckered Out Thursday

Today us girls are tuckered out.  Mum because she did shift last night and on call.  Me cos I had to keep this tea towel nice and furry.  Mum accidentally left it on the bed, so I claimed it as mine.

Happy Thanksgiving for all of you celebrating.   We hope you got to enjoy lots of yummy treats with your friends and family.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grow Your Own!!

Dig the soil.  Put in some seeds.  Water every day and watch it grow!!!! Hahaha!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015


Mum had intentions of doing lots of chores and cleaning after work tonight.  Instead us girls curled up on the bed and she read her book for an hour or so.  Then there were lots of phone calls taken and dinner wasn't dished out for her til 9pm (chicken and veg chilli noodles), although she remembered to serve my feast up earlier.

So now it is getting late and mum only had a chance to put a couple of things away and rinse some dishes.  Tomorrow night will have to be busy then, with jobs done before she plants her butt on the couch.

Hope you got some relaxing done tonight.  Oh and the noisy boy from next door, he is rather cute.  Our upstairs neighbour is his nanny, and mum got to walk home with them tonight.  When mum is there he is all shy and quiet.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


I was very alert when I was out in the garden today.  You see the neighbors have a young son who likes to squeal a lot, which always makes my furs stand up and my ears were on high alert.  That was lucky said mum, cos it made me still enough for her to get some photos.  They sure are sneaky these paparazzi.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy Caturday

The mumster had a good day better than me.  I did get to go outside even though it was a bit cloudy and cool, I got to strut my stuff.  I ate a ton of biscuits and then mum chased me down, did a flea treatment, put some treats out and then left the house, only to return ten hours later in time for a late night feast.

The mumster had a good sleep, a nice shower and a tasty breakfast of last nights left over dinner.  She then headed into town.  The first stop was Moore Wilsons, a local shop to check out some of those Orla Kiely glasses she bought two weeks ago.  There were only four left, so mum thought that she better take those home.  She then went off for a little walk, and then caught the bus to go out and meet up with some friends.  They dined at an Italian place and shared lots of tiramisu, lemon cheesecake, chocolate mousse and other sweets.  A little shopping was done - mum was excited to find refills for her lint roller - ahh the middle aged lady life is fabulous.

Mum had to leave her friends as they were taking the kids off for swimming lessons.  Mum then went and met with another bestie.  They met at a classy pub, one with glamorous waitresses, that smells clean and has no pokie machines.  The girls got a big bowl of super salty but delicious chunky fries and some super spicy beef dumplings.  Then they went to the cinema.

Tonights movie was Spectre - the new James Bond show.  They like a bit of Daniel Craig, but wonder if the movie was all style and no substance.  It felt like the boys making it all sat in a room and figured out 5 action scenes and then made up a story and strung it together.  Sorry to say that the two love interests were just wrong. Monica was all heaving bossom and a cheesy love scene that all seemed a bit rushed.  Lea Seydoux looked like she was in the wrong movie.  She looked two young and meek and mild.  Mr Bond needs a bit of sauce and too be honest, we thought she wasn't slutty enough.  A 3/5.

So now mum is home and us girls are looking forward to a good nights sleep.  Mum is a bit tired after her long day out, so time to go and clean the face and teeth, and time for us girls to snuggle down.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday too!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Sad Week - RIP Tober

When we checked the internets this afternoon, we read the sad news regarding our awesome friend Tober.  You see Tober made friends with his assistant boss Karen in 2008.  She had two dogs who didn't welcome a feline friend, so he asked if he could live at her work, and he got to move into the Thornton Public Library in Indiana.  He got to lie on every chair in the place, suck in sunbeams and was surrounded by thousands of books.  Sounds like my mums dream house!!

Anyways our little buddy had been feeling a bit out of sorts, and after a vet visit they found that it was the nasty cancer making him feel off his foods.  So gentle Tober got helped to the bridge.  Thank you Tober for sharing your fantastic life with us.  We enjoyed your updates and feel for all of the friends who looked after you and visited you at your work place.

We are looking forward to our weekend.  The week has been so sad, with all the grim reports from Paris and the news about Jonah Lomu.  So we are looking to do some fun things.  I am going to rest and catch some sunbeams.  Mum is going to share foods with friends, maybe watch a movie and get outside and suck in the fresh air. We are starting tonight by having a Middle Aged Lady Movie night and watching the Age of Adaline - nibbles and a big glass of something are all lined up ready to go.  We hope you have some fun things planned too.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Gosh the whole of NZ is quiet today after hearing about the early death of Jonah Lomu yesterday.  One of our finest and the most famous of rugby players, he died yesterday at only aged 40 leaving behind a wife and two young boys.  After battling kidney problems for years, it was still a surprise that he died and the whole country is sad.  As well as plowing through players on the field, he would often be the last player out out after the game is over, signing autographs for young fans.

Today we were lucky and had some warmth and glowing blue skies.  After work, mum popped into the supermarket then came home and through the doors and windows open, and I went out and stayed in the garden for a couple of hours as the birds were particularly vocal.  Mum fed me my feast and let me have a little bit of chicken al fresco out on the deck.  She made herself some Thai chicken curry and rice for dinner which she enjoyed.  Fresh grapes are nice at the moment, and mum may have eaten a few too many.

Family phone calls were made and now a little rest before mum turns the cell phone on at 10pm.  Wish her luck!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Things that made us Smile Today

Our friend Deb asked us to talk about the things that made us smile today.  Last payday mum ummed and arrred about buying these Orla Kiely glasses as they were a bit pricey, but used her birthday money to buy two.  She is glad she did, as she has used them every day to drink her water from and loves them.  So much so, that she might go back and buy another two.  She also loved her dinner tonight, when she made a huge Thai Beef salad.  Full of vege and rice noodles, there is also enough left for dinner tomorrow night, which means more time for relaxing.

We both enjoyed that the afternoon was sunny and finally warm, which gave mum pleasure on her walk home.  She visited the supermarket and got her salad supplies.  Then the doors and windows were opened, so after my feast I rushed outside to scratch and spent a whole hour sitting outside.  Mum even put some bread and fruit out for the birds who were happy for a feast of their own.  Alas the weather did not stay fine for long, as clouds and coolness drifted into the city round 7pm.

We hope you all had reasons to smile today too.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Mum has been thinking about getting her eyebrows done by a professional. Personally I think she should grow them long - just like mine.  They highlight your eyes in such a lovely way.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Today was a quiet day, no plans for anything exciting.  Mum woke up early and stayed in bed to read her book cos it was cold again.  There was rain, and lots of clouds, believe it or not we are a bit sick of grey, even though it is one of mums favorite colors.  Mum did get out and got herself walking in order to get some fresh air, which made her feel better.  Then  home for an easy dinner and phone calls to the family.

So mum has a full belly, a warm bed, a good book and a little grey cat to keep her company tonight.  Life is good.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cool Caturday

Oh man - this spring has been chilly the past week or two.  It has dropped overnight often to between 4-8 deg C, much like winter and during the day people are still getting about in merino jumpers and scarves.  Lucky I have warm furs to keep me warm - but I have been climbing all over mum at night and snuggling up with her - pinning her to the bed.  Mum got depressed when she looked at the 10 day forecast, and all they showed was clouds and rain.  Grrrr!

Still on a bright note, mum met a bestie for a dinner out.  They were surprised when they went to meet up at a local restaurant, that could only seat them near the bar.  The problem that the stools were tall and mum is small, so she felt like she was mounting a race horse to climb on, and felt perched at an uncomfortable angle.  10 minutes later when her friend arrived mum felt she couldn't face sitting on the stool for the whole dinner so they left.  They tried somewhere else and could only get seats near the bar as well, but these ones were lower and more comfortable.  They ended up having to share their table with some backpackers for a while, and were served by a Channing Tatum look alike.  So the dinner wasn't all bad.

She was glad to get home before some rain started, watched the news and thought about how scared those poor people in Paris must have been, relaxed and now it is  time to make the bed and us girls to snuggle again.

Hope you had a good Caturday everybuddy.

Friday, November 13, 2015


Luckily mum was alert this morning while on the way to the shower.  She noticed that there were flames and smoke coming from the trees on the hill on the town belt, quite some way away from where we live.  She called 111 and spoke to the fire service, they already knew about it and were probably being rung by lots of middle aged people looking out their windows at 7am.  Anyway, it appeared to be out in 20 minutes - so mum felt like she had done her civic duty.

Work duty called next and the day was with some pleasant colleagues and went super fast.  A nap was needed when mum got home - it has been a long 12 days in a row.  Then she got up and had an easy supper of eggs on toast, and some weekend chores were begun with some washing and dishes sorted.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Late Shift

Mum is home again at 11pm tonight.  She dives through the door, greets me and feeds me my feast.  Then she grabbed some snacks and sits on the couch to watch for a little while.  Then it is time to head for bed, as she has to be up again at 6am to get back to work.  So not much of a break at all.  So she is hanging out til Friday at 4pm when her weekend begins!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Toesie Tuesday

The clouds and wind have gathered again tonight.  Mum worked all day, then went for a walk and headed off to the library and the supermarket.  She made some mild  chilli mince for the niece and her for dinner (miss doesn't like super spicy).  It worked well and mum has lots left for dinner tomorrow.

Girls have been binge watching Modern Family - they have been laughing all night.