Thursday, May 5, 2016


Last night I had dribbles, and not from the good end of me.  Mum said I was stinky, and she had to banish me from the couch.  Of course when she woke up at 2am I was snuggled in right next to her on her bed.  Oh well.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


There have been temperatures of 23-27 deg C here today, sorry that we are stealing your hots.  Luckily for mum it has resulted in her being able to buy a couple of merino winter jumpers for half price at the beginning of the season, something that seldom happens. We guess that the clothes shops have to move some of their stock.  Me - well I am enjoying that mum has got some quilts on the bed, and pulled out the merino blankie for the bottom of the bed.  At the moment it is quilts on some nights, and quilts off the next.  We are enjoying it while we can.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Mum watched 60 minutes tonight, that had a segment about Bonobos from the Congo.  Anderson Cooper went to visit some that had been orphaned or captured, and were being returned to the wild.  what clever amazing animals, and so like us.

Mum does call me monkey quite often, a couple of times a day.  I don't see the similarity, but they are kind of cute.

Do you have a nickname?

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Feeling Bad

Not me - I'm not feeling bad, but mum is cos she stepped on my tail.  She had just given me biscuits, and then did the dishes, and when she stepped back she stepped on my tail - ouch. I cried and then ran outside, but ran back in two minutes later to jump up next to mum, so she thinks I am ok.  After a bit of tail flicking at her, I am now back to normal.

It was another lovely sunny day in the city, but the wind was up a bit more than usual.  Mum took herself out for a walk, which she enjoyed.  She often has a sore back and hips, and sometimes feel stiff at the beginning of the walk, but after about 15 minutes loosens up and begins to enjoy it more.

She walked beside the beach and then went to the Warehouse, our local sort of bargin store.  She found a big fold up hamper for her shoes which was nicer than the one she was using and a bargin at 50% off.  A couple of tshirts and a cute pair of pyjama bottoms went into her bag.

She also popped into the supermarket and got some stuff, but didn't feel like cooking when she got home, so just nibbled on lots of stuff, and now has veg and chicken for her dinner tomorrow night.  Me well I had my feast and some new biscuits, which I enjoyed tonight but who knows tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday and your tails are safe.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Middle Aged Lady Night In Caturday

Mum say this today on ETSY again, at Pet Krewe.  If you bought it for me mum I would eat you alive . Just saying.

Anyways it was another lovely sunny day here in the city.  Very un-autumn like weather.  So mild that mum did the washing and put it outside on the line overnight and all the towels were dry by 10am.  The sun was shining and lovely and warm, so mum walked into town.  She had spied some sneakers that were half price last week, and went to try them in, but they weren't in mums size so that was problem solved.  She did get a jumper half price which will be grand when the weather does cool down.

So off on the bus she went to visit with a bestie.  They had lunch at their usual spot, where mum enjoyed some chilli beef noodles and a banana smoothie.  The girls then did a wander and bought a couple of candles and a couple of small treats.  It was just nice to have a walk round, and the pedometer on mums phone beeped on the walk home to say that she had done her 10,000 steps for the day.

So home to see what I was up to.  As it had been so nice, she let me have my soft bed outside and I had slept in it all afternoon.  I came inside for my feast and mum cooked up some wontons for her dinner.  Candles were lit, and then she put a movie on Apple TV.  Miss You Already is a bit of a girl movie with Drew Barrymore and Toni Colette as best friends with breast cancer.  A bit predictable and silly, but nice to see some good girl characters.

So as mum was having fun on the couch doing middle aged lady night in I took myself off to bed - and dreamed I was a lion - roaming through Africa!!!

Hope you all had some fun today on Caturday!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Online Shopping

Mum found these online tonight from ETSY seller PrintsOfHeart - all idead for the humans in your life.  They like a good reminder of how important they are to us.

Mum had a good day at work, and was happy when 4.30pm rolled around and she could head home.  She cooked some chicken nibbles and had the with more leftover stirfry.  It is finally finished so she can eat something else over the weekend - yippee.  She is trying to not waste food, to be a bit more thrifty.  Me - I am nifty thrifty every day and eat my bargain feast - such a good girl.

It is a mild evening, so mum has put washing on the line, hoping the morning sun will dry out the towels.  Friday night is washing night, that way Caturday can be about fun.  Hope you all have some fun planned.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Mum is laughing at me, cos I seem to be running round the whole time.  If I come through the door I zoom zoom into the bedroom or zoom zoom to my bowls to eat my biscuits.  Every time, super fast, I skid round the corner.  Then I lay down on her bed and snooze for hours.

Tonight we are watching some flares go off over the harbor, it must be a special night for somebody letting them all off (don't worry we don't think there are any boats floundering about).  Mum is a bit tired, she worked late last night and then had to be back at work early.  It was a steady day that got busy at the end as usual, so she went for  a walk after work and popped into the library to stock up on reading.  She has a huge pile of books, but luckily a weekend off, so is going to hit the reading hard.

Leftovers for dinner for her, a stir fry with lots of vegetables she made yesterday that was filling but a bit dull.  Me I feasted the feast and have a nice full tummy.

Mum got her flu jab today.  They make a bit of a fuss about  sitting down afterwards and taking it easy.  Mum always goes straight back to work and feels fine, it is super easy and takes two minutes.  Working at a hospital mum wants to avoid getting sick.  She has had a couple of nasty bugs over the years and is keen to avoid other peoples germs as much as possible.

So mum will finish the dishes then she has an hours rest on the couch before she pops the on call cell phone on.  Then it is Friday and the weekend will be on its way.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Thinking

Tuesday was a quiet day at home for us, before mum did the afternoon shift.  She was thinking about lots of things, and amazed that it took up all of our her day.  Me well I think all day too - and often with my eyes closed.  Meditating the people call it.

Mums shift went well and she got some groceries on the way home.  She has got a bit of  her cooking mojo back, and is enjoying making simple meals every couple of nights.  She makes enough to last a couple of meals.

Mum did book herself a couple of days off for later in the year, so that she gets a break, cos is tired and knows that she will get through the next couple of months knowing that there will be a break at the end.

Monday, April 25, 2016

ANZAC Day Monday

Today was ANZAC day here in NZ and in Australia, a national holiday on our remembrance day. Last year mum got up for the dawn parade but mum missed it today.  She was on call and did not think she could go and have her phone turned off.  So it was a nice quiet day for me and the mumster.  She did get up at 8am - I let her sleep in this morning, how kind.  Mum got some chores done, the washing and the dishes, some reading and some watching.  Dinner was the reheated kind for her and the canned kind for me.

So we give thanks to all the men and women who have served in the Armed Services here and overseas.  The ones that gave their lives and the ones who got to come home.  Thank you all.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Early Start Sunday

Today was meant to be a good old sleep in for mum this morning, or at least til 7am which mum thought would be good for a nice 8 hour sleep, something she seldom gets.  Instead she appreciated an early morning cat alarm call - round about 5.30am.  I approached her with a sense of urgency as there were two matters that she needed to know about.

  Number 1 - it was raining outside, which I like to tell her about when I have been out for my morning ablutions.  The best way is to Meow loudly at her and then wipe your cold wet body over her hands and face.  Nicely Done.

Number 2 - I ate all of my morning biscuits and licked the bowl clean.  This meant that there were no biscuits available for when I get up again round midday.  It is important to tell your person about this 7 hours before you need it refilled and preferably before dawn - on her day off - on a Sunday.  Job done.

So the morning was a bit dull and cloudy, so mum stayed in her dressing gown and watched some shows and read her book.  Then she took herself off for a walk in the sun when the clouds disappeared and did a bit of window browsing, and then went to the supermarket.  She made herself a tasty dinner, some mashed potatoes, carrots and sausages, and opened a feast for me.

Now I am back on her bed, getting in my 10 hour night snooze, and mum is on the couch just chilling.

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday and did not get any early early wake up calls.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Casual Caturday

Mum took this photo of the top of my head, my kissing spots just at the top of my ears.  I tolerate the kisses, life is tough.

Mum and I had a little quiet day at home.  Mum slept in til 7.30 am and then got up and watched a documentry about the queen and her 90th birthday.  She loves the Queen and the Royal Family, The photos that have come out this week are just magic, especially the one of the Queen with her great grand children and the one with her corgis, even the one with her and Princess Anne.  Oh and the one with her and Charles, William and little George.

She did think about going into town, but mum decided to have a quiet day at home.   Dishes and washing were done, and then mum had a little nap.  Then she went and met some friends at a friends house for a yummy dinner, where the girls did lots of talking and laughing.  Friends are good.

Hope you all did something fun today.

Friday, April 22, 2016


It is sunny here in the city, so mum has the doors and windows open and let me have my little bed out on the deck.  As soon as I see it I climb inside.  Yes it has a towel in it and a bath mat on top.  Just how I like it.

Mum had success getting hold of the plumber this morning, and they were round within the hour.  The tap is now off, and we are just loving the silence.  They did find a big crack in it and as they were having a busy day, and mum has to go to work at midday they will return in another week or so and replace the taps.  That suits mum.  She has a three day weekend and the noise of the tap was getting horrendous, so now at least we can hear the television and mums sleep might return to normal now.

Mum is still on call for the weekend, but an easy call, so hopefully she won't have to go into work at all.  So she is planning to take it easy.  She has already hoovered this morning, and got the washing started, so half the chores are done.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Back On The Bed

Mum was wondering a week or so ago how close I was to jumping back on her bed.  You see I haven't been in bedroom to sleep or even visit for close to 5 months, as in the warmer weather I gravitate to the living room and out on the deck. Last night when mum went to bed, I chased her into the bedroom and jumped onto her bed.  I spent all night pinning her to one place on the bed.  Mum better get used to not being able to roll over for the next four months at all.  Winter must be coming.

Mum went to the hairdresser tonight - three hours of fun and reading/skimming through about 5 magazines before settling on her book.  Luckily she had time to pop in home on the way and feed me my feast before she went.  So I was happy - and went back to my position on the bed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Rays

 Today the sun was shining nicely which was great, as mum had the day off, so she got a little sleep in and helped me potter round.  No plumber, she rang another team but they never called her back - grrrr.  So she will be going through the list again tomorrow.

She did get the man round to fix her phone which hasn't worked for a couple of weeks,, which actually has been quite nice and convinced her that she should stop paying for a landline.  When you ring to book in someone to come and check your landline you get at least four warnings that if you are actually and idiot and haven't plugged your phone in properly you will be charged $200.  Mum has had this same problem two months ago, and her phone had a message on it that there was an error with the phone line, so she felt safe.

The guy complained about having to climb the 50 stairs up to our house with his ladder.  Alas being a maintenance man in our city is not easy as it is rather hilly with lots of little old streets and houses with horrible access.  So it only took him a swift hour and a half to fix.
Mum then played papparazzi with me - I sure look happy huh?  She went for a wander to the library and got some groceries.  It was some solid winter food for her dinner - mashed potatoes, broccoli and steak.  A feast for me, and some oranges for her supper.  Good on her having real foods.

Hope you all had a lovely day too.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Leaky Tap

Our kitchen tap has been a bit of a pain for a while.  The landlord last year fixed it, but in the past couple of weeks it has been dripping, and now this past week has been running solidly and making a bit of a racket.  Finally with some days off mum has turned her attention to getting a plumber in to get it fixed.

She emailed a company this morning, who said they had a group of plumbers and professionals in her city to do jobs.  When she got home later there was a reply which slightly amused her as it said that they had such a rush of jobs on it would take at least two weeks to get someone to her.  They also had what mum thinks of us implied rudeness by commenting that as mum had sent her email after 5pm working hours it would not be dealt with until the following working day.  You think an online company would be smarter than that.  Just because they did not read her email until after 5pm does not mean that that was when it was sent.

So luckily mum has the day tomorrow to try again and see if she can try someone else.  The noise is getting quite annoying, and mum could do with the peace and quiet at the weekend.  As you all know it is a bit of a pain getting a tradie in to do a job, especially a small one, and when you are working full time and seldom at home.  Sigh!

Good luck mum.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stormy Skies

Mum was up before sunrise this morning, and on the way back from her shower this was the pretty view out the window.  I was up already and out exploring morning smells in the back garden, seeing who had popped in overnight.  It turned out a lovely day here, but other places round the country got a lot of rain.

Mums work went alright, it was quite busy but she got to finish just as things were beginning to heat up.  She tried to make a healthy dinner, with some stir fry chicken and salad in a wrap.  She has been watching quite a few shows about the amount of sugar that we are consuming - kind of scary isn't it?  She saw a Jamie Oliver one, where he showed a normal days worth of food that contained about 37 teaspoons of sugar in it, and we are only meant to be consuming 7 a day.  Mum is trying to make some better decisions about her food - to get back on track, as she has been a bit distracted lately, so time to settle down and get back to better habits.

Things are changing for the family too.  Sister in law moved to Adelaide Australia yesterday.  She had some troubles with her job over the new year, and with Gdad dying things all changed.  She got head hunted for a new job with great new opportunities, so we hope things go well for her.  Big Uncle is getting things sorted at home, and he will join her soon.  So mum better get a passport so that she can go on holidays sometime!! Somewhere new to visit for her.

Hope your Sunday has gone well and you all got some relaxing done.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Working Caturday

Today mum was up before the sun to head off to work for the early start (7am).  She said it was steady but not too busy and pleasant company to work with and before she knew it the work day was over.  In the main foyer of the hospital there is a grand piano by the cafe, and a young woman was playing some awesome music, so middle aged Mum sat down for ten minutes to appreciate the beautiful music before heading home.  She wasn't in the mood for cooking so picked up some sushi on the way home.

Me - I had a quiet day under the deck, but was really happy when mum got home and sat by her side for most of the evening.

So the candles are lit, and us girls are inside ready for a quiet Caturday night.  It is seldom now that mum goes out on a night after working all day at the weekend, especially when she is on call.  Everywhere in town is noisy and hard to hear the phone should it ring.  She also has to work again on Sunday morning, so an early night and some good sleep are in order.  Once upon a time, not so long ago she would dash out and meet her friends, but like her they are all taking it easy too.

Hope you all had a nice Caturday and did something fun today.