Sunday, December 4, 2016


 Mum went out today to the yearly fair.  Her and her beasties always meet up and have a wander.  She went past a couple of cordoned off areas.  The one above is half way through being pulled down because of damage
Others are like this with some obvious external damage and closed inside .  There were a couple with bad cracks but mum did not want to linger out outside them long enough to take a photo.

She then did a wander and came home and took a nap with me .  We then we're woken up by a 5.5 aftershock, just a reminder that things are not quite back to normal yet.

Mum is glad that it has been a relaxing weekend .  She has a solid 14 day stretch of work and shift ahead .  So lots of work before a wee break.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lovely Caturday

Happy Caturday my lovelies.  We hope you got to or are having a lovely day.  Mum and I had the best sleep in in ages, although I did wake her up at 6am to tell her it was morning time.

After her shower and a couple of loads of washing mum had some breakfast.   The courier dropped off the new plug for the computer but alas that hasn't fixed the problem so it looks like mum might need a new computer.   She thinks though she will have to wait until the Christmas sales.  Oh man.

She did get a few presents when she was out.  She then walked home and came and served up my feast.   Tonight we are relaxing and mum is thinking she should dig out the Christmas decorations.

We hope you have had a good  Caturday too.

Friday, December 2, 2016

New Friends

One of mums beasties lost her sweet girl Mollie a few weeks ago.   Mollie was a sweetie, she had lost one leg after an accident when she was little.  She had a great life as a three legged cat.  But she got sick this year and it broke our friends heart to have to take miss mollie for her final visit to the vet.

Last night she got to bring these two lovely fellows home to join her family.  Say hello to George and Louie.

Mum says she can'take wait to meet these two boys sometime.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rain Alarm

Last night skies seemed full of rain.  It had not started when we went to bed, but I went out at 5am and got wet, so made sure I came in and woke mum up to tell her.  She was getting up at 5.30 am anyway.

She calls me her rain alarm clock - tee hee.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday News

Well mum had a lovely day at work and went out for a walk on the way home.  She caught two of the neighbors playing on the steps by our house.

She got to meet a sweet friend today.  Blogging is fun, and we are grateful for all of our new friends we have made.

As soon as she got in the door I was begging for my feast.  Mum had the leftover salad that she had made last night, so dinner was easy for her.  She went to plug the laptop on and it was dead.  We think it is the plug,  so mum has ordered another one and will have to continue to post on the phone.

Oh man there are always extra bills to sort.  Still a plug is cheaper than a new laptop so fingers crossed that will fix the problem.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lovely Monday

Hahaha check out how big the weeds are!!  Bigger than the plants!!  The gardener hasn't been around in a while, but I have a little warm spot to sit in in the garden.

Golly it was a good day today.  Mum did not have to work, after working yesterday, so she was pleased that her day off was warm and sunny.  She got herself up early bird and had a leisurely breakfast and shower.  She got piles of washing out onto the line to get some fresh air and breezes on it.   That is when I came out into the garden to get my exercise and rest.

Mum then took herself off for a lovely seaside walk  and a bit of shopping.  She found a nice $29 jacket and a new mug for work.  She doesn't drink hot drinks, but likes to use her own big cup for cold water so that she drinks enough.  Her last one got stolen, so she hopes that this one lasts longer.  She stopped off at the supermarket for some fruit and veg, and made herself a big beef Thai salad for her dinner, and has some left over for tomorrow night too.  I got my feast.

After dinner the dishes were done, and mum brought all the washing in.  She got to speak to a bestie for a while and then decided to water the garden.  All was going well until she put the hose down, and went to turn it off.  It spun round and wet mums new sandals and soaked her through the back of her pants and top.  Hahaha poor old wet mum.  So now she is trying to dry herself off.  Me - well I was inside as I went back to bed at 6pm after I had my dinner.

Hope your weeks have started well.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Droopy Fixer

So mum got up at early bird time and headed off to work today.  She had been rostered the weekend off, but helped out a colleague.  It also helped out mum as she is trying to get the funds in order, and she earns more to work on a Saturday and Sunday.  The bonus too is that she gets Monday off to relax with me.

Last night was super windy in the city and when mum got home and opened the door she noticed that her television aerial had broken off its mooring and was all droopy.  Now mum is a shorty and in thinking of a solution she grabbed the broom and was able to push the aerial back up and move it onto the roof, so that at least gravity would not break the cables.  Best of all when she switched the tv on it worked ok.  Good job mum.

So then she did a stir fry of about 6 vegetables and prawns.  None for me, I just fancy the feast.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Legend of the Sticky Bottom

 I have a little secret to share with you.  My mumster said that I had to fess up and let our friends know about my little problem.
 You see I often come in from the bathroom a little bit dirty, and can leave a little dirty spot when I sit down.  It drives mum crazy, and she will chase me round to clean me up, which I am not a fan of, and she has to come and clean up where I have been sleeping or sitting.  I am only allowed on the sheets if I am clean and mum is supervising.
So mum has put the fleecy blankie on the spare room bed.  I avoided it the first night, but mum has caught me sleeping on it the past day, which is good.  It is far easier for mum to wash if she needs to, and she is pleased that I am happy.

Mum came in last night and lay down next to me for a half hour and rubbed my head while she read her book, this made me purr and be happy.  Mum said I didn't howl at all last night, so she is going to try it again tonight.  Maybe that was just what I needed, a little bit of snuggling before I go to sleep.

Hope you had a lovely Caturday and did something fun!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Gdad

Dear Gdad,
Today was the first of your birthdays when you weren't here to share it with you.  I hope you hear me wish you a happy birthday anyway, wherever you are, I am still sending you all my love.  This time last year we only had another 12 weeks to spend with you before you had to go and that time flew by.  We wish we had more, but after a quick diagnosis things progressed quickly and I think though that would have been what you would have wanted.   I hope you know I was there holding your hand as you left, that you were not alone.

Thank you for giving me a love of books.  I have got your habit of getting big pile and working through them, although not at the speed that you read at, and I can't watch tv and read at the same time, a magical skill you seemed to master.  With summer approaching I keep looking at my pale skin and freckles and are reminded that you knew as soon as I was born that I was yours, as our skin was exactly the same in the need for lots of sunblock.  Then I grew up and realized how similar we were, the same shy reserved personalities, although you had your loud decades when you were the life and soul of most parties, but lately you returned to being quiet again, and I felt like I could often read your mind by the look on your face.

You taught us about love.  For seeing our mum out the window of a bus and saying that was the girl you were going to marry, and you did even if you had to get a court order as none of the families approved.  You were with her til her death 44 years later, taking care of her even when times were hard.  We were a bit surprised when you remarried a couple of years later, and not because you found someone, cos good on you if you can find love in your late sixties, but more because you changed a bit to fit into her life doing things that were a bit un-dad like.  When that marriage ended, you moved on and settled into life pottering round by yourself and returning to your true self.  Then in your last year you found a new girlfriend who helped you have a happy year.  That gives us hope, that you can find love at 73, that age is no limit even if you had to put up with a pottery pig in the garden, you did it with grace.

I miss the weekly phone calls on Sunday night, solving the worlds problems and discussing what we had for dinner.  They always ended my week well, and I felt refreshed starting out for another week hearing your wise words, you always made me feel centered and calm, and now I have no one to do that for me, so part of me feels empty.  We loved when you came to visit us too, Miss Poppy loved sleeping on your pajamas and wasn't scared of you.

I keep seeing a few butterflies - are you sending them?  On the day we took you in the ambulance a butterfly danced around the door and followed it out onto the road, and we kept seeing butterflies for weeks afterwards.  I'd love to think you are a butterfly, enjoying the sun and flowers.

I love you Gdad.


Thursday, November 24, 2016


Lucky old mumster.  She gets to go and see superstar Adele when she tours here in March next year.  Her wonderful nephew managed to book them online, so she and her besties are going for a weekend trip.  It is mums birthday + Christmas present to herself.  Not only does Mum get to go and see her in Auckland, but two weeks before, she is going to Adelaide to visit with her sister in law and they are going to go and see her there as well.

There are not many artists mum really wants to see, but she had watched Adeles New York concert just as the weekend, and has watched it about 10 times in total.  She thought that if she ever had the chance she would love to be able to see her.  Just last week it was announced that she would come to little old New Zealand, and that tickets went on sale this week.  They went on sale today, and sold out in 23 minutes - 3 concerts.  Just amazing.  Mums friends are very excited too, so that makes mum happy as well.

She is mumbling something about booking me into the cat motel - say what??!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Separation Anxiety

After writing last nights post about my love affair with the spare room and the quilt, mum went into the spare room to give me a pat.  That is where she spied a trail of half digested cat biscuits.  So into the washing machine it went, and now it is drying on the line.  I am very distressed, having a little sulk.  It is not going to smell the same now it has been whizzed around.  The love affair might be over.  Watch this space.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Mum says I am a little obsessed about living in the spare room.  Now that some visitors have left their smell on the pillows and bed, I barely come out of the room.  Mum sees me in the morning for about 10 minutes, and I pop out a couple of times in the evening, but only for a few minutes.  I then run back in and curl up in the bed.

Mum went to work and then popped into the supermarket.  She was going to do a stir fry but decided that she felt like chicken, broccoli and pasta which was quicker and filled her up.

Now she is thinking she might tuck herself into bed before 10:30pm and read her book.  I'll be snoring next door.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


I have got my bed back, the visitors have gone and the house is quiet again.  Mum took the girls down to the bakery this morning, so they could all get a breakfast cronut before they parted ways around 9.30am.  It was a beautiful day with some real warmth in the air.  Mum went and had a wander and did a few chores, looking for Christmas gifts but finding nothing.  So she went to a cafe for a quiet brunch and read her book and then went to the cinema to see Arrival which she enjoyed.

Mum then carried on and walked home up the hill.  There was enough of the afternoon sun to get the towels out on the line and dry and toasty.  Mum made herself some easy leftovers for her dinner and made me a feast and I put myself to bed on the spare bed again by 5pm.  I have hours of sleep catching up to do.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chilled Out on Caturday

Hi Friends  we had a lovely day here in the capital city.  The sun was shining and it was a balmy 19 deg.  Mum got the washing on and off the line, all dry and warm.  Doors and windows were opened to freshen up the house.   The visitors went out all day, and mum took herself out to see a friend for lunch.

Everyone came home for a wee nap and then mum took the visitors out for a tasty Thai dinner and icecream in the city.  When they got home I did come in to see them.  I ws brave and went into their room and slept on a puffer jacket, until I got disturbed.  They are here one more night and then things will be back to normal.

Hope you are all having a lovely Caturday.  Do something fun.

Friday, November 18, 2016


Geonet listed this today at 2.30pm .  Since the 7.8 earthquake on Monday morning, we have had 2812 earthquakes.  Mum feels a bit like she has just got off a boat, and feels a bit like she has wobbly sea legs.  Life is returning to normal.  The working week is over and mum and I have relaxing to do.  We have visitors coming too - boy I am not looking forward to that, mum says they need my bed to sleep in.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


 Today has been a bit calmer.  Some clouds and rain have rolled in again, and we are expecting it to be a bit wilder later in the day.  The earthquakes have lessened a bit both in magnitude and frequency.  Mum doesn't find it hard to sleep - me neither!!

  Our day was somewhat disrupted as there are a team in the upstairs flat installing new carpet.  We don't get any yet as there is some building work to be done on our flat.  They only have two small rooms to be done up there so we don't expect it to take too long.  Those boys are banging away upstairs, so mum is not exactly getting a restful time before she heads to work again.
This lovely picture is from Stuff of the Australian ship the HMAS Darwin on the way to the Kaikoura coast.  Our navy was having celebrations this weekend in Auckland and British, Canandian, Australian, Singapore and American forces have redirected to help with relief efforts of taking tourists away from the area, and helping to bring in supplies for the locals and to help with getting the area sorted out.  Awesome and we thank you all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quakes and Storms

 We thought we would share some of the photos of what damage the earthquake on Sunday night did.  It has caused around about 1,000 slips in the Kaikoura region where the quake hit.  These coast roads that have been blocked off (yes that is a road round the edge in the photo below), are the main road on the South Island.
 Luckily the main quake hit at midnight on Sunday night.  We hope that no one is under all that rubble.  Because most people were tucked up in their beds, we were lucky to hear of only 2 deaths, and very little injuries.  Today the government are assisting to get tourists out of the area using Air force helicopters today, and the navy arrive tomorrow to take people away by boat.  The local police, council and support staff will go door to door and visit every home to check on everybody.

Because roads and rail (as below) in and out of the town are cut, they are limited in supplies with water cut off.  Everyone though will work hard to look after the locals and help them cope.  The local marae cooked up 400kg of crayfish this morning to give people who have been evacuated breakfast.

 Kaikoura is a small seaside settlement of about 3,700 people and we wonder about all the people on rural farms.  They would have a lot of supplies and are used to being independent.
 We saw reports tonight that the famous cows have been rescued.  We are sure these ones have been on the news around the world.  News helicopters spotted these cows who were stranded on a little island of green in the middle of slips as they flew over the region on Monday.
 Our city is the biggest city a few hundred kms away, but we have had quite a few earthquakes centered here as well.  They are saying now it is about 800 since Sunday night. It is these aftershocks that are probably a bit more unnerving than the main big shake.   Mum finds it hard to tell if it is a quake or not, as they come every minute or so, and she feels like she is constantly shaking.  She has a glass of water beside her and finds it helpful.  If there is a big shake, the water moves side to side in the glass.

Last night we knew that we were due a storm as well.  So we had 140km winds and torrential rain, with a months worth of rain in the past 24 hours, causing floods and our city to become closed off.  Luckily it stopped raining at lunchtime.  Where we live is quite elevated so we don't get flooded in and although it kept mum at home, it wasn't too painful although mum did not fancy having to leave the house if there were any big shakes.   Like many locals then mum went out for a short walk this afternoon and got some groceries and did a couple of chores.  All the water was gone at the supermarket but most other things were all stocked up.
She has moved her emergency kit close to the front door.  There is my cat carrier with some foods and treats for me inside, with a blankie and a bottle of water.  Mum has packed a bag for herself with some clothes and personal bits and pieces and leaves it there with her coat and boots.  She is still sleeping in some clothes, just leggings and top and cardigan in case she has to get up quickly.  I have even snuggled with her a couple of times, which mum likes.  xxx